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  Mappa della Garfagnana
  Premi per ingrandire

From Lucca - following the course of the river Serchio up to his source, cross 45 kms for reaching Castelnuovo of Garfagnana along the road SR 445; from here following the indications for the Provincial Road 72 of Radici you reach Pieve Fosciana. On the Provincial turn to the right following the indication for the country of the Sillico that you can reach through 7kms of tortuous but panning street

    Lucca dall'alto

From Aulla -following the SR445 we reach Piazza al Serchio passing for the Passo dei Carpinelli, therefore continuing for San Romano Garfagnana we reach, crossing the countries of Sillicagnana, Villetta and Pontecosi, Pieve Fosciana where on the Provincial 72 of Radici we continue turning to the right for Villico.

    Ponte della ferrovia da Villetta
From Modena - there are two roads that from the province in Modena bring you in Garfagnana: You reach the Passo delle Radici and continue toward Casone of Profecchia therefore, going down toward the valley, you reach the countries of Massa Sassorosso (famous for his/her caves of red marble), Cerageto, Castiglione Garfagnana and Pieve Fosciana. Few hundred meters along the provincial road that crosses the country you will find on the left the alternative that, with indication for the Sillico, it will bring you only in 7 kms. to the Locanda del Moro. Always from the Passo delle Radici, but turning to the left on the summit of the Passo, you reach San Pellegrino in Alpe (1850 msls.), here a standstill is due for the landscape, that from here opens on the whole valley. You very quickly goes down up to Chiozza with an inclination that sometimes reaches 18% and that is famous as one of the hardest tranche of Giro d’Italia. Shortly therefore you reach at the end of the descent Campori, continue toward left reaching Pieve Fosciana and then after 500 ms. you will find on the left the road for the Sillico.

Chiesa di San Pellegrino

From the Versilia - there are two roads that bring you from the Versilia to Garfagnana. From Pietrasanta you can reach Seravezza from where the slope begins for the footstep of the Cipollaio that deserves a standstill to enjoy the panorama on Versilia. Through the gallery you enter the Garfagnana: Isola Santa is the first village that you’ll meet, and few kilometers still separate you from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana; from here following the indications for the Provincial Road 72 of Radici you’ll reach Pieve Fosciana and then take to the right following the alternative for the country of the Sillico that you’ll reach in 7 kms. From Massa go along the Vestito footstep passing from Antona and………. ; reached the footstep in about 20 minutes of slope in this panning valley that hacks on the caves of marble we recommend a standstill because of here the panorama is amazing. Passed the gallery, you’ll come to Arni, country of quarrymen of the marble. Cross it to rejoin with the road that arrives from Forte dei Marmi; turning to the left begins the descent for Isola Santa and therefore in few kilometers you’ll reach Castelnuovo Garfagnana.

Isola Santa
Cave di Marmo
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