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  Map of Garfagnana
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Thanks to "Edizioni Grotta del Vento"


This country, 714 meters on the sea level, is almost perceived by every point of the Garfagnana and it lies on a buttress of the Appennino on the back of a mountain that degrades up to the bed of the river Serchio toward the country of Ceserana and Fosciandora.
Sillico is only a small fraction of Pieve Fosciana and dists from Castelnuovo of Garfagnana 9 kilometers.

From here ancient wayfarers passed and then stopped. In the centuries they crossed the street Vandelli from Castelnuovo of Garfagnana to Modena. In the Medieval, Sillico was the richest fraction and better cultivated of the zone: stains of beech trees and ample alpeggi for the livestock, and fields cultivated on terrazzamenti that also today withstand the time. They are the gardens and the pastures of “sillichini” with their flocks and cows to the pasture.

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